Aspiring to be an environmentalist in the modern world.

); the result is the same total canada goose outlet usa inertia

House and Senate Republicans are all complicit

canada goose uk shop The NeverTrump Republicans who warned that President Trump would lead to the debasement of the right underestimated the speed and extent of themoral and intellectual decay. Sure, Canada Goose Outlet talk radio, Fox News and right wing outlets (which managed to justify Jim Crow back in the 1950s and anti immigrant hysteria in the 2000s) could always be counted on to excuse monger or change the subject or simply mislead. canada goose uk shop

cheap canada goose uk Whether it was loopy conspiracy theories or the morally vacuous “But Gorsuch” argument, the Trump faithful adeptly crafted arguments that required deliberate ignorance of reality. Republicans learned to ignore Trump’s remarks or feign lack of interest or reinterpret his inanities to make them seem less inane. Invariably, House canada goose outlet website legit Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R Wis.) would canada goose outlet online uk say canada goose parka outlet he hadn’t seen the latest tweet. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose sale From there it wasn’t a stretch to justify whatever false, loopy or ignorant remarks came from Trump’s mouth, be they about immigration or trade or our allies. Right wing magazine editors would pontificate that what canada goose outlet washington dc a president said really didn’t matter. Whataboutism and canada goose shop uk “But Gorsuch” talking points became ubiquitous. He didn’t really canada goose outlet in usa mean that…. dollars back in the United States to employ Americans). Or canada goose outlet london something. Maybe Trump knew something none of us did. But in any case, the media is the enemy of the people. Whether it was Matt Schlapp or Sen. John Cornyn (R Tex.), there was no bottom to the well of self serving rationalizations. Schlapp and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are easy to mock for their disingenuousness and absurd lies, but how different are they from Rep. Jim Jordan (R Ohio) or Sen. Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats So when Michael Cohen comes along to plead guilty and implicates Trump in a crime or yet another top associate joins the ranks of convicted or canada goose outlet miami confessed felons, Republicans are ready to declare, “But it’s not collusion!” canada goose coats

canada goose clearance More to the point, not a single GOP member of the Senate or House is calling for hearings on impeachable canada goose uk offenses. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket Not canada goose stockists uk a single GOP member of the Senate is willing to delay consideration of a Supreme Court nominee, who if confirmed, would rule on matters relating to the alleged criminal conduct of a president who may have obtained the presidency by illegal means. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Online Not a single Republican member of Congress declares that Trump cannot possibly be the party’s next nominee. Canada Goose Online

canada goose factory sale It doesn’t really matter canada goose outlet store near me if they cheer Trump canada goose outlet kokemuksia like the Freedom Caucus or if limit their objections to pithy tweets ala Sen. Ben Sasse (R Neb.); the result is the same total canada goose outlet usa inertia and compliance. Sen. canada goose outlet toronto Susan Collins (R Maine) will tell herself any legal fable to rationalize a vote to confirm a judge who lauds the late Justice Antonin Scalia for rejecting rights not explicit in the Constitution (such as abortion, senator). Sen. Ron Johnson (R Wis.) cheers stripping a former CIA canada goose victoria parka outlet director of his security clearance but warns this shouldn’t be “routine.” Sen. canada goose jacket outlet uk Lindsey canada goose discount uk O. Sen. Tom Cotton (R Ark.) manages never to utter a critical word about the president’s canada goose factory outlet vancouver toadyism to dictators canada goose outlet nyc and his lies about Russian interference in our election. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Parka Getting rid of Trump won’t solve the GOP’s problem. The hundreds of House members, senators, party activists, opinion makers and interest group leaders who have by omission or commission contributed to the moral, intellectual and constitutional rot canada goose outlet near me would still remain. They’ve failed the basic requirements of good citizenship, let alone political leadership. The GOP could banish all of them, but wouldn’t it be easier to start over with a new political party/movement not infused with the stench of moral and intellectual rot Canada Goose Parka.

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